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May 08, 2022
Good portions and everything was delicious.

February 21, 2022

December 20, 2021
Very good excellent Indian food

December 16, 2021
The food was exquisite. We like it spicy and still there was a subtlety and complexity with all flavours in all the dishes.

It was better than most other Indian restaurants I tried. Repeat: yes.


It was long to get the food.

1)On the website prior to ordering it estimated the time to about 45 minutes.

2) Once paid the delay showed 80 minutes

3) The delivery arrived 1.5 hours later

4) Even though it was mentioned that the delivery person needed to call my phone number on arrival in the comments and in the delivery method, no one called. I had to call the restaurant (who has a wrong number on their website) since it was a long, ad they told me the driver had left 10 minutes ago. I went downstairs and nothing. Since I never got a call, I went back 10 minutes later to find the order coldish left in the non heated entrance, without having gotten a call.

December 06, 2021
Delivery longer than annouced

July 20, 2021
Best Indian food I've found in MTL after several years of trying multiple restos. Excellent food and great prices and service. Highly recommend!!!

July 08, 2021
Delicious food. All the dishes are great, complex and flavourful. The biryani and tandoori are especially mindblowing. It's also one of the spicier places in town.

I like spicy food and Hot is hot enough for me; I don't need to try Very Hot. Spicy is probably hot enough for most tastes (I usually get half my dishes Hot and half Spicy).

May 05, 2021
Thank you! The byrianis was very good as always! Keep it up!

May 03, 2021
very tasty, but the spiciness level was confusing when ordering online. 'mild, spicy, hot and extra hot'... but no medium option. the spicy option was VERY spicy.

April 21, 2021
First time ordering
Fresh ingredients, quality ingredients
It was very good. Fast and efficient.